For your home we offer the Vinyl-Tech Value System –
NOT Contractor Grade


It’s not often you buy new windows or doors. If you are like many others… you want to know that you are getting your money’s worth.

The cheapest windows are always contractor grade. But our team at Vinyl-Tech Windows & Doors Limited know what you need. You need to know that you have purchased a high quality product that will provide uncompromising service for many years. Because you realize that not all windows are created equal, we believe you are looking for "value" in your purchase.

Therefore, please consider our Vinyl-Tech Value System… giving you the benefits of superior style, added home equity, custom design elements & technical efficiency with every window we make for you.

When you buy from Vinyl-Tech Windows & Doors Limited you always receive… "Your Money’s Worth."

Tasteful and classic style is standard with Vinyl-Tech windows. Reject the square or bevel cornered profiles others have. Vinyl-Tech windows are styled for you with frame profiles that add classic charm and tasteful detail to your home. "VERY NICE" is what you will hear from friends and family as they gaze approvingly at your newly installed windows. Looking good is always satisfying.
Just imagine… yes imagine how much your new Vinyl-Tech windows will increase the perceived and real value of your home. Vinyl-Tech windows will become a prominent feature of your home’s value equation. You’ll know that the cost of your new windows was money well invested as you, your family and friends spend good times together enjoying the comfort of Vinyl-Tech quality windows.
Did you know… you can dress up your new windows? Yes, personalize your Vinyl-Tech windows. Imagine how the "perfect" exterior colour would add to your home’s street appeal? Or perhaps you would like to add internal grills chosen to match your décor and sense of personal style? Vinyl-Tech can even add the ultimate finishing touch . . never-paint again, perfectly fitted interior trim. The choices go on and on.

A great looking window is of no value without leading-edge technical features.

Vinyl-Tech windows have it all. We specify only the most advanced features & hardware in the design & construction of our rugged and energy efficient windows.

You may add construction features which will improve specific performance criteria. For example you may add glass coating features and/or change the warm-edge spacer.

You may add glass options; Argon Gas Filling minimizes heat loss in winter. Low E Glass minimize both heat loss in winter & heat gain in summer.

Warm-edge spacers resist cold & condensation at the coolest point of the glass unit – the parimiter edges. They also reduce noise and boost the insulating value of your windows. You may upgrade the spacer specification by choosing a Thermal Edge Spacer or Edge tech Premium Super Spacer. It’s your choice.

You may choose to upgrade to TRUTH branded hardware. Always the benchmark of quality and ruggedness Truth Cranks and Locks are an intelligent choice for your new Vinyl-Tech windows.